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  Welcome to BO HOSS Country    


BOBBY FISCHER, ( shown right of Clint Black-center-) Country songwriting legend for Too many hits & Iconic Country Stars to list here. said this about Bo Hoss

"Hoss has it goin' on, he jumps in with both feet & tailor's his unique voice to each song. "His talent can't be ignored, a strong & passionate Country singer who still believes in telling a story we can all relate to, He's bringing back the traditional Country music sound, He could be the next Waylon or Travis"

CASEY KELLY, Singer-Songwriter for George Strait & many others. "Bo Hoss was introduced to me through a good friend, Micheal 'Bear' Clair ( Chet Atkins, Steve Miller band, D. Frizzell, etc) and after listening to his recordings I couldn't tell if he was more George Jones or George Strait, probably both, I told him to go for it & go strong" -"Good Luck Hoss, Can't wait to hear what you do next"!

WANDA J. BAIRD -Director/Producer, for 'Stars of Tomorrow'.

-"I have used Bo Hoss on several different occasions for his entertaining, one time for a last-minute call for the Johnson County Fair in Iowa, Bo did a great job of entertaining & was a real 'crowd-pleaser'. "Bo is always ready to help & you can rely on him for a great show".

"Bo is a talented, determined man". "You'll be surprised, he's not like any other singers". "Singing Country music is his dream"

TERRY K. WENDT -Producer/Executive Director, WMI- Nashville

"Friends, in my nearly 40 year professional career in the Country music entertainment business here in Nashville, not since GEORGE JONES has there been a more sincere and talented 'Country-fied' crooner as BO HOSS". "His silky smooth & unique baritone voice will simply melt in your ears with the highly anticipated release of his new debut album "We like our Country...Traditional" (which is destined to become an instant classic) "You'll soon agree with me! In the meantime, be kind to yourself, and be sure to catch one of his live performances and you'll be standing, applauding, and wanting more when his concert is over"

JERRY MAC -World's Greatest International Independent OPRY Host/CEO

Country & Western Entertainer & Songwriter w/ 12 Albums recorded.

"Bo Hoss should be played on every Radio station in the country, it is always a pleasure playing his music, he's a real good'n, a throwback really, who will open up his heart to you with his singing"


(pictured here with 'Little Jimmy Dickens')

Radio host at KNEL Radio, Brady, Texas

Formerly Little Jimmy Dickens' Mgr. & 'Whsipering' Bill Anderson's Tour mgr.

"Bo Hoss is truly one of the great unknown Country & Western singers in the Country"

"We really enjoy his performance & dedication to Traditional C & W music with his 'Country legends Tribute"

Daniel Grant - Song Writer

"Bo Hoss's approach to my songs is honest, sincere, and heartfelt. While tailoring them to his own personal style he brings a new and exciting depth to all the songs he performs. His rich and well seasoned voice will keep you coming back for more. I'm very proud and honored to be working with Hoss."

ARMAND PACK, Writer, Artist, Music Teacher, Studio owner

OWNER/PRODUCER Mountain Music Promotions.

" I have the privilege & honor of working with BO HOSS, a rising star in the Country music scene. As a life-long professional in the music industry, ( both as performing/recording artist & recording studio Owner/Producer) I must say that it is a rare combination in a person & performer to have such a keen sense of precision & quality to their work, but also the personality & character required to make a recording session thoroughly enjoyable, especially when you understand the complexity & grueling nature of the process of recording & editing. 'HOSS' is professional & fun to work with. I look forward to observing the World's reaction to this classic country star as he lights up the landscape with his endearing voice & style"