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 Bo Hoss had the #1 song on the International Independent Radio Country music charts, (Soundclick) for 2 weeks & was in the top 10 for over a month.  Fans around the World know Bo Hoss & 'The Posse' play the greatest Traditional Country music ever made, but did you know they also do 'high-energy' Southern Rock, Blues & Gospel-Billy songs? Now you do! -When the crowd doesn't stop dancing until after you're done, you done good.

PLEASE JOIN US in Montrose, Iowa for The Watermelon Festival Thursday night from 7-10 PM this August 17th ( right on the mighty Mississippi ) Your ears told me they want to go, so.....
Hey Y'all, listen up now ya hear! Seriously folks, if'n you ain't caught a Bo Hoss & 'The Posse' performance, you're really missing out! This incredible Pacific Northwest Posse delivers a country music experience like no other! If'n you like to dance, sing, hoot n' holler along then we're your Band!

May 20th        -CD RELEASE PARTY for  'Under The Covers'

June 5, 6, 7th  -Fan Fair @Music City Bar & Grill Nashville, TN

June 23rd        -Northern Ales, Friday 7-10 PM. Kettle Falls 
          - with Special Guest Star & Nashville recording Artist 
July               Studio time & a Private Party
                     The Amazing Cindy Lou!
August 12th -Private Party

August 17th   7-10 PM  -Montrose Watermelon Festival, Montrose,Iowa
Featuring Special Guest Stars Micheal 'Bear' Clair (Chet Atkins, Steve Miller Band, The Nashbillies, etc) & World Class players Roger Adams on Bass & vocals and the incredible Stephanie Kay on Fiddle & vocals too ! (The Nashbillies, Wild Hogs' Band, etc..)
YOU GONNA MISS THAT? I ain't!...wait...I'm singin' so...

August 19th -TBA

August 26th -'Wedding in the Park Concert', Colville, WA.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...We have re-mastered the 1st CD album, 'Myna Bird' for release & getting closer to final mix & distribution of our debut all-original CD titled, 'We like our Country...Traditional'  

Our new 'cover' album previously mentioned, 'Under the Covers' with Bo Hoss, features some of the great romantic love songs of all-time, has been released & the response is overwhelming.

Marketing has determined via social & Internet music websites we're on, that there's a huge female audience for Bo Hoss' music, so  "It was only natural to make a CD for the ladies", Hoss said.

Sneak previews of both the all-original song CD & other great country songs can be found on this website under the 'Music' & 'Coming soon' headings at the top of the page.

The Pacific inland NW Region should start seeing The Posse at a few larger venues during this season's tour dates.

Event dates will be posted as they appear.

Bo Hoss & The Posse are scheduled to release 2 more CD's in 2018,  

'Then Sings my Country Soul' & 'Saddle Up' & another 2 in 2019, so we'll keep y'all posted 'n such.

To Contact Bo Hoss management to book an amazing Country & Western musical experience e-mail them @ odwyerclanbohoss@aol.com for pricing & availability.

CONTACT PHONE # (319) 431-4132

Bo Hoss Fan Club Members receive discounts on both merchandise & advance sale ticket prices.

To contact the Bo Hoss Fan Club contact: Cindy with Marketing at traumaone76@yahoo.com

CONTACT PHONE #  (402) 730-8774